Thursday, November 14, 2013

So on aime tricoter .... et la belle France, continue...

Having spent my allotted half hour at the "Purple Purl" on Sunday, I am freshly supplied with beautiful yarns.
After a hiatus of double digit years, I am doing the sock thing. The last pair - and first - so, by logical deduction, the ONLY other pair I have ever made, was when I was in public school. If it weren't for my classroom teacher Mrs. Sheardown, I probably would never have developed the ability to approach multiple needles and tangled yarn with any semblance of confidence.
Yeah and kudos to teachers everywhere who manage to squeeze the practical arts into the more scholarly ones!!
P.S. "They're toe up" socks, so I can try them on as they progress. What a fabulous idea. Another thinking outside the box solution.

French Girl Knits Video - classy knitting, food and travel - Can it get any better?

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