Tuesday, March 08, 2011


   For the first time, I attended the AFAC conference last weekend. Kudos to Sheila and the many others involved in promoting and educating in the arts. Congratulations also to the many presenters who took time away from their studios to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise. Some had done this sort of thing hundreds of times, I'm sure. For others, it was their first high-profile presentation. And what a great opportunity to
mingle and connect with others in the field. It was truly a more-than-pleasant surprise to see so many familiar faces from various art groups!  Meeting friends of friends and hearing new ideas from others near and far was most educational. From healing through art to chain-saw sculpture (which could be a healing process in itself if you think about it!) to selling on-line and seeing new media, it was a great break.
  AND....as my studio is still in "reno status", it was a good alternate to painting. And no, I can't just go elsewhere to work, as I am the sawperson, plasterer and general "do it girl" for the project. With thanks to my family for starting me off - to my daughter for the initial painting (was that really a year ago?), to son elder for being the mover of heavy objects and never say quit guy, and to son younger for his shared expertise in laminate flooring installation - and of course to my husband who gave me a month on my own to muddle through this labour of love.  Now comes the really difficult part - purging the morass (is that a word?) of materials and paintings that have accumulated. Maybe a yard sale - in the snow?   Back to the reno....

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