Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Children's Picture Books

After many years in teaching, I have amassed a sizable collection of children's "picture books" - and yes, I still buy them - just because they are  so awesome!  A year as librarian restocking a "purged" library was a little bit of heaven on earth. OK, a lot of heaven - when else will I get thousands of dollars to spend at the National Book Service?*
The teaching curriculum in our region, with it's thrust on fundamental concepts and varied learning styles, and with literacy approached from multiple disciplines, has opened the door wide for artists and authors  to  create works  of  huge import. Ecological principles and sophisticated science concepts can be so powerful when accompanied by gorgeous  artwork.  Aspects of aging, diversity and inclusion, sensitively depicted, often need no words at all! (Particularly invaluable when working in a second language!)
Perhaps Amazon has replaced the massive shelves of new releases at NBS*, but the beauty of a book for me is so much a part of its total creation - the format, paper texture, colour integrity. Yes, the fact that I could blow up the font on a Kindle is a huge benefit, but the respect I have for artists who create marvelous images in the restricted space of a book page lives on.
Do you have a favourite picture book? Want to share it? Please add to the list!
 for a link to a new cookbook created by two artist friends (with additions by their artist friends .)
**NBS is no longer in operation as of 2008 

Children's picture books recommended:
(Ages are guidelines only)

One Small Square, Donald M. Silver, series of ecology awareness perfect for "together" or alone reading (suggested ages 4-8)


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