Monday, May 09, 2011

Is it really spring? Can we get answers from our MPs now?

OK, so it's been a trying month in political territory ("only in Canada, you say" - lucky for the world!) and on a more local note, in the garden.
But the bulbs and perennials seem to be emerging regardless. Perhaps we can look forward four years as a bulb metaphor. Four years to gather sustenance, mature and multiply. This may sound off-topic as this is an arts-centred blog, but our multi-cultural identity is a big part of the arts scene. Let's not be afraid
to support free speech and the CBC as an important means of connection in the vast vista we know as Canada. Insular vision and tight control, whether on environmental, educational or correctional stages, seems at odds with modern technology and research. 'Nuf said.
Hopefully the trilliums will be blooming any day now. Must head to the woods to see. May your days have bright moments in sunshine.

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