Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artist on site daily goal of Pukaskwa

I'm getting antsy as the time approaches for the next camping trip. These tend to be fewer and farther between, not to mention closer to home as we celebrate each year! But check out this gorgeous image from the Pukaskwa website  and you'll know why I'm excited about  the artist in residence opportunity  on the shores of Superior.
But, if you're checking my image on the artist pdf. brochure, be forewarned -  I forgot I was dealing with  a  government-funded agency, and, when submitting an image for the brochure, sent off a small drawing from my travel book, thinking it would be only be on a li'l old bulletin board page in the campground. Oh, well, live and learn. I now have a sketchbook image in the "glossy brochure".
I have inserted a little more finished sample below.
I call it "Spirits of the Olive Tree" as little human-like bodies appeared unintentionally as I created more ink lines. This image honours the tree in our yard, no longer able to give shade, but useful for a beautiful woodpecker.

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