Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring watercolours - thoughts and demos

....yes, beginning anew my personal quest for a looser (Have you heard that a million times before?) more glowing watercolour.
Suggestions of course, abound:
large brush
very long handled brush
plein air
speed sketches
using the whole arm
But for me, the biggest is - Get rid of the "end in mind" mentality. Or, in other words, let the paint drive the painting! The biggest hindrance to this is THE PHOTO. If you must work from a 2D image, at least take time to create various experimental effects first. Those with photo altering programmes can attest to the eye-opening visions that a change in colour balance or contrast or focus can make to your vision. With these different impressions in mind, but not stuck in front of you like a model to be copied, you can't help but let the mind and hand have their own freedom.
Having said that, there are techniques that are fun to try in order to enlarge your brushstroke repertoire, and these may be better to experiment with "in studio" so that you can use the technique with more confidence in the field. Today I'll be working with the "big brush" .....
And here's a new big brush YouTube video that may send you outdoors. Because anyone who's walked around a tree, touched its leaves and smelled its particular scent, heard its windsong and bird chirps, knows you never see it the same way again.

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