Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bed and Breakfast (B&B's)

Just returning from a six day road trip along the St. Lawrence Seaway to Les Cantons de l'Est in Quebec.
If you have done this, you too may have enjoyed the wonderful historic architecture of the towns along Highway 2, sometimes discovering the wi-fi access challenges of solid old stone buildings. You too may have experienced the fascinating personalities of B&B hosts along the way, seen their individual takes on restoration, and enjoyed breakfasts you may never savour again.  Throw in a local pub or two along the water, some good bike paths and spectacular weather and you've got a week to remember. We hit it really lucky this time!
Personal accounts of the bizarre and forgotten as well as the everyday pleasanteries of life off the beaten path are what keep us searching out these alternates to the chain hotels. And sometimes you hit it really lucky! Watch for pics to prove it!

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