Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Watercolour Memoires

I'm compiling a list of plein air travel images (as recorded in watercolour) from around the world, as well as some public sketch page images from other people's journals. Due to the fact that my personal sketches and notes are so haphazard - one day it's the small book, the next it's the big heavy one. Without dates, no one could follow the timeline. And then there's my "Fibre Arts" idea book, and my writing journal. Perhaps it is easier to put everything in one volume. I have not as yet found THE perfect book. My choice depends on what I'm wearing (how deep are the pockets?) or my energy level  (some are just too heavy to schlep) or, more to the point - which can I put my hands on when ready to walk out the door.

Regardless of my ineptitude, here is the first installment of others' successes. Hope you find a link or see a tip or two that will somehow connect with the inner you.

Marvin Chew
Don Getz - ink drawing and watercolour
Santos Naranjo
Derek Kingnok
Journals: assorted sample pages uploaded by groups
Artists' Sketchbooks Online - an amazing compilation by Scattergood Moore - search by country flags or surnames (from the exotic to Toronto transit sketches)
http://noramacphail.blogspot.ca/ - Toronto artist

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