Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Concrete Core (Rant day)

What's wrong with our downtown spaces? Who wants to walk on cement and step over a sterile "man-made" stream? I saw this comment by Kathy, a reader, on the Yarn Harlot blog.
"How many people just go and watch a tennis court?
Nobody, not if there's not anyone on it." 
A new green sprout, a dragonfly or a few hundred tadpoles can be amazingly entertaining. Wouldn't you and your kids and grandkids be more motivated to visit the city core if you could involve yourself in it?
Maybe I'm weird, but I wouldn't resent the Main Street parking fees nearly so much if the area felt a little more welcoming. Children are conspicuously absent most days. Perhaps they might enjoy bringing their parents to check on the town square lettuce and pick some local carrots after attending their art class or a theatre matinee. How often do you drive, park, attend the event, get in your car and head home, thinking "Is that all there is?" The city core is virtually empty most weekdays, despite the money poured into it. Maybe injecting a little community spirit would liven things up on a regular basis.We do not need to wait for the council to make events for us, we need to make our own community spirit.
Todmorden, U.K., has done this via a "universal language"  -  Food!
Have a listen to Pam Warhurst's TED talk, Incredible Edibles. Fourteen minutes that can change a community!
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