Thursday, May 02, 2013

One more small rock... keep moving that mountain!

Artists and protests? Visionaries exist in the human race. How they portray their concerns varies as widely as the minds and hearts involved. To see the merging of many talents, whether it be writing, speaking, singing, film-making, designing, or managing (perhaps the rarest form :) among artists) - can be not only enlightening, but political. (see Europe's ban on pesticides linked to bee deaths).
One major concern for a healthier planet is having a safe and adequate food supply for current and future generations. As the downtowns are paved over, as superhighways carve holes in viable farm communities, as we race here and there in our vehicles of partial choice (arrange to see "Revenge of the Electric Car" in your community - "You can't kill an idea whose time has come"), as we give up home veggie gardens, we need to re-evaluate our lifestyles daily. 
Thanks to volunteers for the Fast Forward Film Festival Erin, an eco-film series - complete with organic popcorn grown locally - has been presented for public awareness. Pay by donation. May 8th.

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