Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Love these installations!

Ah, subways. Some people plug in. Others stare. Some smile. Fewer draw portraits on their paper tickets. But at least one did. And that's what opened my eyes to the possibilities in drawing.
So, every year, I make the February trek to Toronto to check out The  Aird Gallery for its drawing exhibit. And each time, a new idea springs out to grab me. Not always  " new" in that no one has done it before. But new in that it is pushing the boundary or twisting the vision of what drawing is. Lines, media, dimension, colour. How many permutations can there be?
This year is somewhat different. I have not yet seen the show. I am in the kitchen at home, morning coffee in hand. I click the "jurors" link. Since they are the ones who determine the vision behind the show, I like some insight into their choices. 
Ed Pien is the outside juror. He is an artist I am not familiar with. He works in Toronto. I follow his site links.  From reflections of the nightmarish paintings of the Italian renaissance - think Bosch - to ethereal spaces filled with heritage stories, line and light.... Must go to the studio - experiments to try out....

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