Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New World

Just what I need! Still more ideas and more projects - hah! With the novelty of our newly accessible higher speed internet, more and more projects are taking shape. Today, with the lovely minus 20 degree temp, a great site
appeared on my search engine listing.
So, throwing the laundry into the washing machine, I slipped back to the brilliant kitchen sun  to enjoy the myriad of scarf and cowl patterns before me.  After 13 pages of browsing (no superstition here), I have decided to let my logical side, evasive as it is,
take over and redirect me to yesterday's project which is taking shape.  Checking out the ravelry images has given me ideas for editing my as-I-go patterning. To be continued...
because not only the beautiful wool, but the even more beautiful snow outdoors is calling - oh yes, and the laundry.

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