Monday, January 24, 2011

To keep her from the frigid frigid air

In our two room schoolhouse in the 50's, we were taught to knit and crochet - this kept us busy while the other grades were being taught other things, I'm sure. Regardless of the motive, it has been a "skill passed on" that is much appreciated.
However, my family can attest to the many fine beginnings that rested for years in bags in basement bins. in 2010, realizing that my babies were now in their third decade,
it seemed sensible to move on. So, the half finished baby sweaters and child size 6 items have gone and I am attempting to learn a faster way of knitting (check out the world's fastest knitter on youtube) in the hopes of finishing the pieces I start.
This scarf started as an experiment - a simple design - minimalist patterning counting on  a great merino wool to create interest. This hand dyed  yarn was labelled "Hummingbird".  Almost half finished and had a nice ski tucked into the afternoon too. So far, so good.

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