Friday, April 08, 2011

A Night to Remember

Many years ago, on a beautiful summer night in Elora, my husband and I attended an open air concert on the rim of an abandoned quarry in Elora, Ontario. Floating on a stage below us, her gentle ardent voice echoing throughout this amazing amphitheatre, was Ann Mortifee. Her words and music flowed seamlessly around us, creating a sort of musical magic that I have rarely experienced since. 
I understand that the quarry is no longer a viable venue for safety reasons, but luckily Ann Mortifee continues to cast her spell. My personal favourite is "When the rains come" .

Another quote, which hits home regularly when I'm seeing the results of bright young minds in our changing world:
"You can’t see a new tomorrow
With yesterday’s eyes"
                              Ann Mortifee

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