Friday, April 15, 2011

Voices of the Wise Woman

Do you ever wonder how and why things just seem to "coagulate in the brain" at times? That's probably a very unscientific term for what I mean - perhaps "coalesce" is better - has a more upbeat ring to it.
Anyway, the model at a portrait painting session the other day asked if anyone had read the "Clan" series by Jane Auel. As I had read 3 or 4 of the saga, I guess its themes were running through my mind. Then today I clicked through on an e-mail link and found Luann Udell's blog entry "Stories from the Cave". I'm sure all of us, regardless of sex, have times when we say "What is Me?" What am I creating in my art? Why am I drawn to this process, that media, these subjects?  Perhaps we are just working our way through to our inner self, healing some long "forgotten" hurt, or celebrating some too-deep-to-express joy. Or perhaps it is only curiosity itself, devoid of philosophical or psychological meaning. Does that make it less valid to do something we love?

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