Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Art of Crochet by Teresa

I ran across this Youtube video today. It grabbed me
- first by the music - straight out of a wartime gramaphone - I AM a sucker for that nostalgia
- then by the kitschy (in a good way) doilies, because I appreciate the work involved, and wonder about all those (usually) women who laboured over these for one reason or another,
- and finally for the unspoken commentary on the role of women and the resurgence of crafts in general.
It seems we need to become aware of the imminent demise of pieces of our culture before they magically resurface with each new generation. Hurray to all those grannies and grandpas, Moms and Dads, sisters and brothers, friends and teachers, who pass on their knowledge and crafts. It's a little bit of love and a lot of common sense!

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