Friday, July 22, 2011

Watercolour demos

For the watercolourists among us:
Wow, what a wealth of information out there! In browsing youtube, I found some great watercolour demos! These are a few of my favourites. They vary in technique and feeling, so give an interesting overview of styles. I've included only a few that I felt were exceptional, but of course that is a very subjective decision.
Hope you enjoy. Feel free to post your faves.
And many thanks to the artists sharing their expertise and experience.

Millie Gift Smith - lots of really loose wet-in-wet demos - this one is an almost abstract one -
but the others are more obvious scenery

Elizabeth Tyler - cool use of tools - combination of precision and wet-in-wet

David Curtis
Freshness and the immediacy of colour and light

Tim Fisher - combination of felt tip pen and watercolour on an English village scene

F. Cembranelli - a loose and fresh floral demo, check out

John Baxter - moody clouds over a small harbour

I've added more in October 2013. Here's the link
watercolour demo links continued

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