Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Need a chuckle?

I met Kim McBrien at an arts workshop. She was actually doing a presentation on blogging ( - but her other business is being a knitter and dyer of beautiful yarns.)  Now, when she announced her business to the group, I swear I heard the intake of breath. I had a suspicion that the rap musicians wondered if they were in the right workshop. But she zipped right along, holding her own in tech talk and plainspeak. Since then, I've tuned into the Indigodragonfly blog from time to time. It never fails to surprise - every yarn collection has a qwirky naming system (blame it on her partner Ron?) - MUCH more interesting than the paint store variety.  I lost it at the glowing yellow skein named  "...Butterball Frozen Canary" (see their image above). Check it out if the February blahs are creeping in early. Shop Canadian!

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