Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I've used it before ....

... this personally enforced hiatus, but previously it has been for things like housework, tax forms, marketing, emission control checks - you know - really FUN stuff.
  But the last two months have seen a deliberate slowing of my art output - partly due to the fact that I have run out of room under beds and behind furniture. It is definitely time to purge the old painting stocks to make room for the new.
   So, as I cool my love affair with my "new" sewing machine and all the cosy cashmere yarn in my stash, I begin to rearrange in my mind the studio "stuff". There's the acrylics and pastels, the inks and watercolours, the brushes and brayers, the fibres and threads, the soothing beach stones and beautiful shells, the feathers and fossils, the matting and glass, the canvas and frames..... Oh, where to begin???  No wrong answer, is there.  To begin at all is the main goal.
   But yesterday there was finally enough snow for a lovely cross-country ski and tomorrow is the Arts Summit put on by the City of Brampton, so I have one more day of not beating myself up for procrastinating. What valid alternate will there be for Friday?

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