Saturday, February 04, 2012

If you love the CBC...

I was just about to post an "I love Jian Ghomeshi" note 
- not just because he is an awesome interviewer
- not just because he credits his listeners with some degree of intelligence

- not just because he is funny and inclusive and respectful
- not just because he can take the bad along with the good and come out with dignity
BUT because at the Brampton Creative Economy Summit on Thursday, he encouraged the pursuit of ALL our passions. Now when was the last time someone said to you that it's OK to not zero in on one talent or interest??
And when was the last time you heard someone say publicly that standardized testing is ridiculous?
Well, he did and I'm glad!
Maybe it's just comforting to hear that someone might consider you a "Renaissance Man" instead of a candidate for ADD teasting.....
Diversity isn't just about colour.

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