Wednesday, September 18, 2013

... in which there are more watercolour demos

Go ahead - follow the links! Why should I be the only one enjoying the day so much?

resist, pouring, fingers, fab! - Lian Quan Zhen
finishing dark tones in architecture - Geoff Kersey
line ink drawing with loose watercolour wash - Joanne Thomas
breaking the rules of watercolour - Shirley Trevena
starting a painting and repairing mistakes - Shirley Trevena
textures - Hazel Sloan - "Watercolour is a suggestive medium"  -  Hazel Sloan
watercolour portrait of a child - Hangel Montero
quite simply - amazing portraits! - Guan Weixing

I'll add more, but the windows are calling. They are in desperate need of a wash!
I'm back... (No, I am not a miracle worker. SOME of the windows are washed. I like the "bit now, bit later" system. It allows for more fun stuff in between)

water - resist, blur and a touch of finger smudge - Barry Herniman
large close-up florals - Birgit O'Connor
creating accents or "power points" - Sterling Edwards
vibrant water reflections in calligraphic style - Soon Y. Warren - my personal favourite style :)

This is probably a good place to stop for now.

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