Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Online fabric shopping... Goodnight Moon


Not new, no, but a great source for the obscure and hard to find...fine linen! silk.. not to mention this childhood literary inspired yardage.
Two years ago I needed period fabric for historic costumes - linen, wool, etc.  I ended up ordering from the States with great results! Since then, I have seen more and more specialty on- line sites. A few months ago, I was sourcing diaper supplies. Between the small yarn dye-ing  businesses and fabric suppliers, it appears there are many DIYers out there!

Thought some of you might find this link useful:
"The big list of online Canadian fabric, patterns and  notions stores"

And, of course, not Canadian based, but a wonderful source of fine heirloom sewing supplies, marthapullen.com

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